Is it possible to prepay a housing loan?

Pre-pay a housing loan inside the objectives or goals

Prepay a housing loan within the objectives or goals

Take into account whether it is possible in order to prepay a housing mortgage within the objectives or targets. Can you think about this? Of course. Just with the idea that at the time of obtaining the obligation it will take two decades to cancel the debt, it really is discouraging.

On the other hand, it is good that the home loan can be canceled in a smaller time. For this, financial, individual or family efforts must be made to achieve it. Everything depends on the additional income you might have, either monthly or ultimate. Every mortgage loan is long-term, therefore , the interest paid dual the value of the debt.

It is very important to keep in mind, in which technique you acquired the home loan obligation. If it is in pesos, the monthly fee is going to be constant without changes, however if it is UVRs, the month-to-month fee is variable. Right now there, it depends on the way in which the extra payments will be made. It is advisable to schedule a fixed monthly extra amount, and why not! better fertilizers, if you can.

Important concepts about prepaying a home loan

Important concepts about prepaying a home loan

As mentioned over, when you have an additional income plus plan to pay your home loan credit, do not hesitate. A couple of years ago in Colombia, banking institutions charged penalties. Now the particular Superfinancial and the Constitutional Courtroom supported the mortgage borrower. With judgment C-313 from the year 2013. It was solved that said entities should not cost fines or penalties for that advance payment of home loans. This is a right of prepayment to the housing loan that will debtors of all financial institutions have got.

Recommendations in order to prepay a housing mortgage

Recommendations to prepay a housing loan

It is essential to be crystal clear that, when receiving an extra income, for bonuses, bonus deals, AFC savings accounts, it really is paid. Any opportunity to decrease debt is good. Since, the particular interests that are going to be purchased the mortgage debt is going to be lower, the reason, because the phrase is shorter.

If we take the fee within pesos as a modality, the total amount is fixed monthly, yet a fixed additional value is certainly provided each month. In the end, time or term of your home loan will be shortened.

When the debtor is employed, yearly receives social benefits which are saved in a severance finance. These can be requested to pay for your mortgage debt.

If possible prepay the housing loan. If there is economic organization, time and money are ended up saving. Financial solvency will be acquired when it is least expected and you may plan new goals.

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