Is it possible to prepay a housing loan?

Pre-pay a housing loan inside the objectives or goals Take into account whether it is possible in order to prepay a housing mortgage within the objectives or targets. Can you think about this? Of course. Just with the idea that at the time of obtaining the obligation it will take two decades to cancel the

Simulator of Fee of Mortagages and loans.

With the following calculator, it allows you to know how much you would pay for a personal credit if you are asking for money for consumer goods, car purchases, home renovations, trips, etc. or knowing what the letter of each month would be on the Mortgage Loans if the Money destination is for the purchase

How long does it take to approve a loan in a bank?

Approval time in Yoabank for loan applications Depending on the amount requested, we estimate that one week is enough time to give a positive and negative response. To take into account that they need time to verify the documentation before approving funding If it is a loan of less than 6,000 euros, it should not take